We want to spread the word about regional electric aviation. We see it as a groundbreaking way of transport that has the power to transform the Nordics into a borderless region. These are the initiatives that we are part of.

Ongoing initiatives

ELISE – Electric Aviation in Sweden

ELISE unites aviation industry and technology companies with airlines and airports to develop a Swedish infrastructure and industry around electric aviation. ELISE Steg 3 is about implementation with the goal of creating a full-scale demonstrator of Heart ES-30 to test taxing and charging. Partners in the initiative: Heart Aerospace (project owner and project management), Northvolt, Braathens Regional Airlines, Swedavia, SAS.

Contact: Maria Fiskerud,

Earlier initiatives

Electric Flight Tour 2021 (Elflygsturnén)

Sweden’s, and maybe the world’s longest electric aviation tour, was conducted in September 2021. It took place between Gothenburg at the west coast of Sweden är the Iceland Gotland at the east cost of Sweden. Six airports had longer stops and seminars with stakeholders and politicians. The airports with seminars were Halmstad, Ljungbyhed, Kristianstad, Växjö, Kalmar-Öland and Visby.

The electric air tour was initiated by the Nordic Network of Electric Aviation and The Aeroclub in Gothenburg. The Swedish regional airports (SRF) were also part of the tour and presented their work in the Green Airport project.

The electric flight tour was carried out to let people fly electric, but also to discuss how regional electric aviation could benefit the region in a couple of years. The Swedish Regional Airports did a film of the tour (except the last stop at Visby) and it can be viewed here (unfortunately it is in Swedish).

Article about the Electric Flight Tour 2021 from Region Gotland

Vimeo clip about the Electric Flight Tour 2021 and its destinations

Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation

CPH and NISA in the ALIGHT project work with a project plan for the Aircraft stand of the future, which means that the airport in the future will prepare to handle electric aircraft etc.